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NOTE: A full vNAF Pass unlocks events on the daily Curated Programme and includes Standard Bank Jazz Festival events. (vFringe shows are not included – you will need to buy individual tickets for these shows).

For more information on buying tickets and passes, see the HOW TO section.

Festival passes

A vNAF Pass gives you access to all the content on the Curated Programme of the Festival programme as it becomes available. It includes all the events on the Standard Bank Jazz Festival, but it excludes vFringe events. You will need to buy tickets for those shows.

A Standard Bank Jazz Festival Pass unlocks all the shows on the jazz festival. These performances are also available individually for R45 a show. Remember, Standard Bank card holders may qualify for a 20% discount on check-out.

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Day passes

Just R80 a day gets you full access to that day’s curated programme, and includes Standard Bank Jazz Festival performances. Please note: a Day Pass excludes vFringe events (from R25).

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  • You don’t have to buy a pass to view selected content on the Curated Programme – the shows are available to buy individually: just go to the event page and click on the ‘BUY TICKET’ button.
  • Tickets to all shows on the vFRINGE are available to buy individually, as are all the events on the Standard Bank Jazz Festival.
  • All the exhibitions and webinars are free of charge and can be viewed on the days they become available.
  • Need assistance? Contact the vNAF helpline on 0860 002 004